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Remote & Distance Recording

How Buying Remote Production Works – It’s easier than you think!


Independent Recording

Email me the following items and I will send you a complete file in return

  1. Your script with pronunciation mark-ups

  2. Pronunciation Markups for Names, Technical Words, or Foreign Words (Examples: B.A.L = Ball or B-A-L)

  3. Budget for the voiceover (See My Base Rates: Link)

  4. Audience Size

  5. Turnaround Time

  6. How many Pick-ups / Retakes / Drop-ins are needed*

  7. File Type (I offer WAV, MP3, or AIFF. Let me know if you need it in another format)​

  8. Receive your file - Success!


*If any mistakes are made on my part, I will make corrections free of charge.


Directed Session - Phone Patch

Email me the script, and schedule a time to listen in while we do the recording.

  1. Send me the script with pronunciation mark-ups

  2. Call me to schedule a time to be on the phone during the recording. We will also determine the number of pick-up/drop-ins, and your budget

  3. Recording session

  4. Receive your broadcast quality file via a file transfer service


Directed Session – Live

Studio-managed recording in which multiple voice talents “dial in”


Have me record on your provided software/hardware with your studio / facilitator. This option is useful to studios who would have multiple talent “dialing in” for a recording session, and need high quality work done without any risk of buffering on the studio’s end.

My heart goes out to you, Production Champions!

I’m here to help you. I have been doing remote work for quite some time and will be glad to answer your questions. I deliver projects quickly, too. You’re doing the best you can. 
Let me help you BE the best.

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