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Be the Production Hero with the Perfect Lady Voice.

I record and edit high-quality, engaging narration/voiceover for video productions

Commercial DemoAmy Dubose
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You have AMAZING things to say, now they'll listen!

Hear the difference a pro-narrator makes for your video!

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Voice Acting Demos

Storybook / Mom voice/ Quirky / Funny / Bubbly, Seductive Lover, Farm Animal, Old Lady, Villain

Honda – Young Mother

SoFi - Girl-Next Door

Ex-Machina– Training

Grandma Wanda

Failed Smoothie Flavor

Princess & the Pea

"The Horse Says:" 

Villain - Deadly Diane

Get a Free Audition

I know it is hard to imagine how your words would sound with my voice. Send me a short script and I’ll show you! 

Thanks for submitting!


Explainer Clips

Narration, Explainer, Walkthrough, How-To, eLearning, Corp Training, Commercial, Medical, Technology

Tutorial - Oculus

B2B - RobinHood App

B2C - Apple Messenger

eLearning - RedHat

Kids Explainer - S’mores 

5 Love Languages

Soft Texan

Amazon Wardrobe

Get a Free Audition

Get a pro - you've earned it.

You make a difference in people’s lives. You specialize in storytelling. You invest your brain space, soul, and coffee budget to ensure your clients get the best. You deserve a creative team that respects and supports your vision. It would be SO NICE if they were all as creative and fun as you are...that would be amazing!

You say to yourself: I’ve been down this road before! I tried using my own voice, my sister-in-law’s, brother’s half-cousins' voice. . . I tried dollar-a-holler sites, and online casting sites (you know the ones) . . . 

You now have 138 auditions at 30 seconds each, BUT the quality and voice acting has induced doubts...and you are not sure about ANY of them. THEN, you suddenly realize, “I HAVE A LIFE!” You cannot get that time back. The rest of those 138 mediocre auditions suggest even more wasted time if you try to cast the talent net again . . .

~1.2 minute explainer about Amy


You've seriously earned it.

What amature voiceovers do to your precious project is tragic!


DON’T throw weeks of your sanity away being frustrated with

  • Boring Voices / Flat Tones / Cringe-Worthy Acting

  • Mediocre Sound Quality (It’s all about the studio space)

  • Too many (or too few) responses to your project requirements


What you NEED is an experienced female voice that captures viewers attention….

  • Warm, Witty, Engaging Voice Acting

  • Expert editing and crystal clean quality audio

  • Experienced Professional & Fast Turnaround (I do this all day long)


I value your creativity and your clients. I happen to have the versatility and experience to help you be the production master. Let’s knock your client’s socks off, together!


My Happy Clients

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Get Your Voiceover in 3 Steps


Hear a Demo

Download a Demo to Show Your Client or Team

Persuade - Used for Commercial and broadcasting / radio clips

Engage - Used for Explainers, adult eLearning, training, and tutorial videos

Promote - Used for corporate, service, and business products

Excite - Used for student learning material and children / kids media

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If They Like It, Request a Quote from Me!

Review and Pay for What You Love!

Congrats. Now You Can Relax!

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