How Buying Remote Production Works – It’s easier than you think!


For some people navigating business at home is a new phenomena. My heart goes out to you. It takes a hot minute to figure out how to work in what used to be a resting space, with kids and other family members also trying to do the only normal they’ve ever known too. This is the new normal (for a season), and you can still be the champion!


Suddenly there is this overwhelming pressure to produce content online. To be fair, that is where EVERYONE is right now. Everyone is watching, so the content needs to be useful and attractive. Professional. It IS easier than it was 10 years ago.


Production Companies and Voice Artists have been doing remote work for some time and are here to help you be the company hero. You’re doing the best you can, let us help you BE the best you can.


Now let me explain the 3 types of “distance recording”



SO that’s the three remote recording options for you to get professional sound from a pro. Voice artist and actors and talent are going to have at least one of these options that they are very familiar with and I am sure they (like myself) would be happy to work with you on any that you are most comfortable with.

Let me know if you have questions or would like a bit more information on anything including “how to give live direction to a voice talent”. I’m here to help!

Helping you be the production hero!

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